The Emperor Scroll – an upcoming book by Belinda Ong

The Emperor Scroll – a historical fiction

The story of ‘The Emperor Scroll’ was told by word of mouth, from one generation to the next. No one knew how The Scroll came into existence, or how it came to be in the court of the Manchu Emperors of China. It was told that The Scroll was presented as a gift to the greatest, and longest reigning Emperor of the Qing Dynasty (清朝) – the Kangxi Emperor (康熙皇帝). The Kangxi Emperor passed The Scroll to his favourite grandson, Hongli, the Qianlong Emperor (鴻利乾隆皇帝). The Qianlong Emperor in turn handed down The Scroll to his favourite daughter, the Gurun Hexiao Princess (固倫和孝公主).

One hundred years later, people began to whisper that The Scroll was in the possession of a certain millionaire in the Malayan Town of Ipoh. The millionaire had brought The Scroll to Ipoh from his home village of Amoy in Fujien province, China. They said that in Ipoh, The Scroll began to work its magic – transforming the young lad and engineering his meteoric rise to a position of great wealth and prominence. So the story goes. Could his achievement be wrought by The Emperor Scroll? Read the book, and decide for yourself!

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The Emperor Scroll

Upcoming Book – The Emperor Scroll