Jade – a historical fiction by Belinda Ong

Jade – a historical fiction

This book is a historical fiction about a child named Jade, growing up in Singapore in the 1960s. In each chapter, the child Jade narrates an anecdote in her life. seen from a child’s perspective. The anecdotes described here are as seen from a child’s perspective, and told with the voice of a child.

Preface to the Book

The third of eight daughters in a traditional Singaporean Chinese family, Jade grew up in Singapore in the 1960s.

Jade’s Pa traced his family bloodline to The Grand Patriarch. In the fifth generation, Pa became the only surviving male descendant of The Grand Patriarch. Pa’s great mission was the propagation of that bloodline.

Jade’s Ma was a woman ahead of her time. She believed in the importance of women in society, and saw in education the perfect avenue for increasing their socio-economic status and worth.

The memories of Jade’s childhood is told through narratives of events, seen through the eyes of a child and told with the simplicity of a child’s voice. Jade’s vivid narratives transport us back in time into a primary school yard of the 1960s. Jade’s narratives compels us to empathise with her feelings of fear, pain, and rejection; then leading us to heights of joy as we rejoice with her achievements.

Jade’s narrative of the sky high expectations that Pa imposed on Ma was matched fully by Ma’s own sky high expectations that she imposed on her girls. This was a reflection of the pecking order of her time – a wife was subservient to her husband, children were subservient to their mother.

The book ends with Jade’s narrative of the sacrificial love of a mother for her daughters.

The author spent her childhood years in Singapore, experiencing first-hand the transformation of the tiny British colony and her people into a fully fledged and independent nation. This book is a work of historical fiction. The setting is historical, however, names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination.
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