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Plantation Shutters Kits are Easy to Install

About six months ago, a friend invited us to visit her new house. The topic of conversation turned to the plantation shutters that were installed in all the windows of my friend’s new house. My first thought was “What’s so special about shutters?” During my childhood days in Singapore, most houses had shutters in their window cavities. We even had French style window shutters.

Unlike the shutter windows in old Singapore homes; I would classify plantation shutters as window coverings; in the same genre like for example, blinds, curtains etc.

In the old days, shutter windows were made of wood. In contrast, Plantation Shutters can be made of

  • 100% timber, for example Western Red Cedar
  • Plastic
  • Composites

They can be installed:

  • inside the window reveal
  • outside the window reveal
  • inside the house or outside the house

So what’s so special about Plantation Shutters?

Plantation Shutters have the following features that make them special and different from traditional window coverings:

Image of DIY Plantation Shutter
  1. They are wonderful for blocking out the sun without blocking out the view.
  2. You can control the amount of light (and view) you let into the room. This is done by manipulating the angle of the shutter blades. In general, the best view is achieved by setting the shutter blades horizontal. Tilting the blades upwards will reduce the amount of light entering the room. Tilting the blades downwards will allow more light into the room.
  3. Many people choose to divide the shutter blades into two sections. This configuration will enable the user to to allow light to come in from the top section, and allow the fabulous view from outside to come through the bottom section (or vice versa).
  4. Plantation Shutters are easy to clean – they mostly need just a light dusting to remove dirt.
  5. They can be custom made to fit any window shape.

Reasons why you would want to install a DIY Timber Plantation Shutter

Personally, I’m in favor of Timber over man-made materials for the following reasons:

  • they are aesthetically pleasing,
  • they do not emit nasty odors,
  • they are lighter than plastics and composites.
They are also VERY EXPENSIVE!

The price of 100% Western Red Cedar shutters is easily double the price for plastics and composites. If you MUST have timber, a cheaper option may be to assemble and install you own shutter kit.
Trawling the internet, we came across a place called ShutterKits that supply Western Red Cedar Shutters in kit form. The price for the kit is reasonable in that it would not break our budget. So that’s where we got our shutters.

DIY Timber Plantation Shutter – Step by Step

  1. Having purchased and installed shutters for three windows, let me assure you that if you know how to do simple handyman jobs like for example assembling furniture purchased from IKEA, you would have NO problem assembling a ShutterKit shutter.
    • By following the assembly instructions provided by ShutterKits, we assembled our first shutter in about an hour.
    • The task gets simpler and quicker as you progressively assemble your shutters.
  2. After all the shutters are assembled, they need to be oiled.
    • Any good indoor furniture oil will do. We used the Feast Watson Tung oil.
    • Allow the oil to be absorbed overnight. Then they will be ready to be hung.
  3. Hanging the shutter is more difficult. But fear not. There are many Youtube videos on the way to hang a shutter. A good video can be obtained from the Woodlore Shutters Direct Mount Installation Youtube video.
  4. Install the L plate catches and bullet magnet.
  5. Voila! Now you have lovely new Timber Plantation Shutters!

    Plantation Shutters

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3 thoughts on “Plantation Shutters DIY

  • Ju

    Hi, may I know whether u ordered the plantation shutters fr shutterkits of Australia & shipped it to singapore? I m located in Singapore, looking for affordable plantation shutters for a few windows in my hse.

    • Belinda Post author

      I am based in Australia. My understanding is that Shutterkits ship to Singapore too. You can contact them directly with your inquiries. They are very good. Best of luck with your shutters.