About Belinda Ong

My love affair with reading and writing began at a very early age, from when I started Primary School education in Singapore. I can still vividly remember the very first day when an anxious little girl ventured into the great unknown called ‘School’. It was the beginning of an adventure ………. into magical new worlds that may be explored only if one possesses the knowledge of the written word.

Back then, as at the present time, Singapore was populated by an ethnic mix of races; predominantly Chinese, followed by the Malays, Indians, and Eurasians; in that order. There is also a small population of English, Dutch, Portugese etc whom the Malays referred to as Orang Puteh or white skinned. The Chinese referred to them as ang moh or red haired. Migrants from a distant land, each ethnic group attempted to leave their mark on the land through the establishment of schools and clans.

Like many other Chinese parent, Mom could have sent me to a Chinese medium school. She decided otherwise, reasoning that being able to speak and write in the language of the British Colonial masters would help me to land a good job, thereby securing a brighter future.

It was at school that I discovered a love for reading and writing. My favorite room at Primary school was the library. The tiny Island of Singapore had just gained independence from the British; and resources were scarce. The School only had a small collection of books, and could only afford to open the Library once a week. From memory, I think we were only allowed to borrow two books per student. The way I got around this restriction was to go for the thickest books — the omnibus editions. An omnibus edition is a book containing many books bound together as one volume. My second favorite option was to go for the complete works editions. I remembered the day when my sister won a prize for physics, and we opted for The Complete Works of Shakespeare. This book became my favorite as I read and re-read it many times over.

English Composition and Mathematics were my favorite subjects in Secondary School. The reason was because most of the subjects required to be learned by rote; and I was loathe to memorize facts. In contrast, I did not have to put in much too effort to score good grades in Composition and Mathematics. So, throughout my Secondary School career, English Composition and Mathematics helped to boost my overall school grades.

The second love of my life is food. I enjoy eating and cooking. My greatest satisfaction was to experiment and share new recipes. Nothing gives me more joy than to see others enjoying the fruits of mt labor. Little wonder then that I finally left my job in Computers to start my own small food business.

“I will write a book one day, after I’ve retired and have time to spare,” I told myself. That day came sooner than I expected when I was forced to retire from the workforce due to ill health. At one stage, my illness was so bad that I could not even type on the computer keyboard.

In early 2013, I became ‘better’, and resolved to overcome my illness by focusing on writing. I taught myself how to use the following Open Source software:

  1. The Open Source Productivity Suite OpenOffice for word-processing and accounts keeping. I invite you to visit my blog-site ‘gimperbee.com’ , where I write blogs on how to use Open Source software for everyday applications.
  2. The GNU Image Manipulation software GIMP. All the images on my websites were created using GIMP.
  3. The Open Source Content Management software WordPress that I used to create this website. This website is built on the framework of the Customizr theme.

I have published a short historical fiction. My next book is in the pipeline. It is a historical fiction, set in Ipoh Malaya and Singapore.

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